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Yes, for a better life

Open your eyes, facing the window, and look at the sea.


This clean sea and this clean air are the greatest added value we can offer you during your stay with us.


And to ensure that everything remains as it is and to ensure that the surrounding environment continues to give us wonderful moments, we need to think about changing something in our lives: in fact we are the first to begin to review our management policies with regard to paper, water resources, waste and introducing numerous small improvements that, as a whole, generate a reduced impact on the environment.


We also need you, your help and your active collaboration to improve and protect the territory; we are convinced that together we can do better and more.


The world is everyone’s home and, in our home, we want to feel better and better.

Our tips


  • More paper less plastic
  • Selective waste collection
  • Reduction of waste
  • Ethics of spaces
  • Social initiatives

Goodbye plastic


Microplastics have polluted seas and lands around the world. In our hotel, plastic has a short life because we are introducing paper cups, paper plates, bicompostable cutlery, recycled paper wipes and toilet paper. Little daily actions that become concrete gestures for a healthier environment.

Raw materials, before and after


Selective waste collection is the basis for proper waste disposal and its potential re-use. You will find special, well-marked containers located in all of our areas, which help us separate and recover waste.

Continuous innovation


Do you like our new for toiletry product dispensers? They avoid the wasting of paper and plastic from disposable packages. But we can do much more: by requesting a change of towels only when needed and turning off the taps when no water is needed, we are all giving a drop of fresh water to the environment.

Maturity begins to manifest itself when we feel that our worries about others are greater than our worries about ourselves. 

A. Einstein



By choosing our “charity” room, you have the option of donating part of the price paid to a social solidarity initiative in the territory that we are supporting.

Ethics of spaces


Our SPA is a place for relaxation and for taking a break to recover energy: to allow the largest possible number of guests to use it, we invite you to occupy it only for the necessary amount time.

Food that does you good


Our buffet is free and available to guests. We ask everyone to kindly use only what they really intend to consume. We consider wasting food to be wrong and we are getting ready to distribute food that is not consumed to associations and organisations that quickly distribute it to those who need it the most.

Green Mobility


We like to let you breathe clean air, right here by the sea. We are getting charging stations ready for your electric and hybrid vehicles, as we are convinced that a cleaner future means a better future for everyone.

Further information

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